25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)
25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)

Cuimhne Candles … county-related candles that will transport you all over the country via unique scents.

Cuimhne Candles are the first candle ranges to represent the counties on the Island of Ireland. The 32 candles in this collection each have a unique scent and story behind it. Featuring a hand-crafted gold and green foil label, and a second label with a description of the county and it’s scent printed in the county’s colours, it really doesn’t get more Irish than that. Each of the Irish destination-based candles are designed to take you on a journey, recalling memories of cherished adventures. Cuimhne Candles can also create bespoke candles and featuring labels that highlight local attractions.

The word Cuimhne is Irish for memory, and the aim is that each of the county candles will evoke all the best memories of the places that you love most. Established in February 2021, it didn’t take long for each of the 32 county candles to find new homes around not just Ireland but also across the globe. A Derry candle in Dublin, a Galway candle in India and an Éire candle in Fiji … there are just a few of the destinations where we are filling houses with the ‘scents‘ of home.

All Cuimhne Candles are hand-poured by the creator Laura, based in Co Louth. Using a premium eco-soy blend, sustainable wood wicks and quality fragrance oils sourced from local businesses, Cuimhne Candles are a committed sustainable Irish brand. The also offer easy-to-use candle refills, and have saved hundreds of used candle jars from being discarded. At the Autumn Gift & Home Fair they will showcase brand new candle and refill gift sets for the first time, to help eco-conscious customers get started on their refill journey

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