25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)
25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)

The story of manufacturing gift wrap has really moved forward in the last five years. Nearly all papers, including metallic’s, are recyclable and produced from FSC certified materials.

Recyclable paper is produced from wastepaper with some new wood pulp added for extra strength. Some gift-wrap paper is even produced from green waste (leaves and twigs) and more from sugar beet.

This year Windmill will present over 100 different Christmas designs in sizes suitable for all jewelers, gift shops and pharmacies. Among them is ‘PE Paper’ the new florist waterproof paper, which is a type of paper with polyethylene coat which makes the material completely waterproof and very resistant.

This new product is 100% waterproof,100% recyclable, 100% ultra-resistant and FSC certified, and comes in a range of Eco-friendly waterproof wrap rolls in sizes 70cm x 50m in both every day and Christmas designs. It is especially suitable for the florist industry for the ultimate presentation of designs.

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