28-30 August 2022 | RDS | Dublin Opens 10am - 6pm daily

Every dog everywhere has the right to play outdoors.
DogDry makes it easy, because DogDry takes care of the mess.


Stand No.: Y10

Rolling and sniffing and splashing about are part of being a dog.
But wouldn’t it be great if cleaning up afterwards wasn’t a problem?
DogDry is a super-absorbent, comfortable and leak- proof dog drying coat. It dries your dog as she wears it keeping wet dog mess out of your car and home.

Designed so that every dog can move comfortably as they dry off, 5 sizes adjust to fit all body shapes – pure breeds, mixed breeds, and no one knows quite what is in the mix breeds.

A perfect gift for dogs and their owners.


T: (087) 913-7741

E: Hello@dogdry.com