25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)
25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)

Mathilde M

Stand No.: C12

This year, Mathilde M’s Christmas promises to be celestial…

Constellations, planets, astrology… The stars have always fascinated mankind with their immensity and the mysteries that surround them. In the 18th century, at the court of Versailles, elegant women indulged in divinatory arts and tried to read between the lines. M’s Design Studio has decided to reinterpret for its festive collection the rich theme of the astrology. Hand-drawn shooting stars, moon and sun respond to each other and come to life on refined gift boxes with captivating fragrances.


Mathilde M also unveils her sweet new Vanille Dorée fragrance, the delicious memory of a vanilla macaroon, the refined and delicate treat that Marie-Antoinette loved so much, available in its iconic Intemporelles line of home fragrances.


In the bathroom, the natural cosmetics range is expanding, with new scents and a divine body lotion.

T: (087) 813-7612

E: 2careylarr@gmail.com

W: www.mathilde-m.com