25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)
25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)
VirtueBrush crafts eco-friendly personal care tools, elegantly packaged in sustainable gift sets. Embrace eco-conscious living with our premium, planet-friendly products.


Stand No.: B31A

VirtueBrush specialises in creating eco-friendly personal care tools. Each product is meticulously designed to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact. Our oral care products, hair care products, and body tools are crafted from eco-conscious elements, ensuring they are both effective and planet-friendly. These eco-conscious products are not only beneficial for your personal care routine but also contribute to a healthier planet. Embrace a lifestyle of sustainability with VirtueBrush, where every purchase supports our commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices. Explore our range of premium, elegantly packaged gift sets designed for conscientious consumers.

T: (353) 149-0323

E: eco@virtuebrush.com

W: www.virtuebrush.com