25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)
25-27 August 2024 | RDS | Dublin (Opens 10am - 5pm daily)

New ranges and POS from Secrid   

For centuries, cash served as the primary method of payment. However, the arrival of high-tech cards called for new a new type of wallet, one that protects cards and money, but also privacy.
Sitting on a traditional wallet in your back pocket causes plastic cards to bend and become more liable to break. With an aluminium core, Secrid wallets protect the cards while remaining small enough to fit in any pocket.
Modern cards, such as travel cards, credit cards and access cards, contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. These RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards increase convenience, but consequently the risks too. They can be read, activated and cloned from a metre away. Secrid’s Cardprotector, the aluminium heart of all the wallets, protects cards from these kinds of unwanted wireless communication.

By revealing only a portion of the card, the sensitivity for the radio signal is substantially reduced yet sufficient for contact over short distances. By minimising the exposure, the user remains outside the reach of digital pickpockets, even while activating cards.

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